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Stephan Deiß

Stephan Deiss

Corporate Head of Sales & Marketing
+49 30 72007 0
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Patricia Kaiser

Human Resources, Berlin / Luechow
+49 5841 939 0
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Kirsten Rösner

Office Managament
+49 5841 939 0
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Werk 1-3

Motzener Straße 41
D-12277 Berlin

Attention: The main entrance is located at Poleigrund no 8!

We have two locations in Luechow: 

Werk 4.1

Wendlandstraße 1
D-29439 Luechow

Werk 4.2

Albrecht-Thaer-Straße 9
D-29439 Luechow

If the location is not specified in your invitation, please contact us!

Werk 5 
Avenue de Savoie 56
CH-1896 Vouvry, Schweiz

Our expert for supplements & sweeteners.

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