Film-coated tablets

You can count on our competence and experience

When it comes to film-coated tablets, you can trust in our expertise and superior quality. This is garantueed by our modern production facilities and processes. Our team of experts is happy to support you from initial product development all the way to the finished product.

Custom requirements? No problem.
Our teams can easily handle modifications to our highly performant standard processes, based on your preferences. Individual specifications are quickly defined and realized. Always focused on the most efficient and applicable options.

We ensure that your film-coated tablets will keep their promises:

  • reliable taste-masking
  • appealing design
  • improved swallowability
  • dependable agent protection from light and moisture
  • precise sustained release

We look forward to hearing from your product request. 

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Our development coater BFC5 can do small size batches down to 0.5kg.