Blister packaging and cartonization

Do you have special requirements for your blister pack? Our blister and cartonization machines can handle a wide variety of shapes, forms and materials:
Regardless of whether its Alu-Alu-Blister, push-through blisters with mono-, duplex-, or triplex layers, or individual customized solutions. We can even produce child-proof options. 

It's all about the look: our precise printing process ensures a consistent appearance. Make sure your customers can tell quality content by looking at the packaging.
We value quality - in all production areas. Our cartons excel through an exact folding and gluing process as well as a secure tamper evident packaging. 

Filling of bottles and click-dispensers

Precise, smooth and highly efficient filling processes for more than 30 different types of bottles as well as click-dispensers: All of this is possible due to our variety of filling machines for tablets, capsules, coated-tablets, liquids, globules and other special products, all in the highest quality.


Bottle filling: precise, smooth and highly efficient. For over 30 different types of bottles and click-dispensers.

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